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Olive Pits, Chinese, old

BN0251 $20 ea 1"
chinese olive pit, 3 views, hand carved.

BN0748 $35 ea, 1.25"
(both sides shown)

BN0756 $65, 1.25"
(both sides shown)

BN0343 $12, 1.25"
hand carved olive pit bead

BA1114 $8 1 1/4"

BN0720 $65, 1.25"
Back shows man riding the horse

BA0050 $9ea .5"
Chinese carved peach pit

BN0750 $600, 1.25"
You may not want to look closely, but if you do you will see that the carved figures are engaged in erotic activity, to put it delicately. The quality of the carving is exceptional. Click on inventory number to see a larger image.

BN0751 $480 set of 12 1.25" beads
Zociac beads

BN0752 $300, 20 1" beads

BN0753 $300, 1" beads

BN0754 $300, 1" beads